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Home Additions

Have you become newly inspired by a room in your home, or is a certain area starting to feel too small for you? AS Wolfe Design PC specializes in building new home additions in the Chicago area that can modernize and enhance spaces that were once largely ignored. We can build bedroom additions on the second floor of a home or create family room and kitchen additions to give you more space for entertaining. Depending on your needs, we can even provide total home rehab services for those desiring a complete reconfiguration.

If you live in the city of Chicago, we recommend putting new additions in the rear of your home, while homeowners living in the suburbs may want to consider adding a vertical addition so as not to disturb the footprint of the lot. Depending on your home addition preference, AS Wolfe Design PC can work with you to seamlessly redesign your space so that it looks and feels like it was part of the original design. We are also able to design furnishings specifically for the additions we build, and do all historic restorations in conjunction with approval from societies and groups.

Our design mission is to enhance the visual appeal of your home while also making your space more functional. Whether you wish to have a new kitchen addition built to gain storage space and a breakfast nook area, or a bedroom addition to create a true master bedroom with en suite bathroom, we aim to provide you with a range of options to meet your style and needs

If you have been thinking about adding an addition to your home or doing rehab on your existing residential property, AS Wolfe Design PC would love to get creative with you. Call us at 773-304-0400 today to start the process