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Architectural Design Services

ASW Design, is known and appreciated for our conscientious approach to architecture, as well as, our expertise, experience and skills, in Chicago, Illinois, its suburbs and Southern Michigan. We offer an extensive range of services from Code analysis, through all aspects of design, culminating in construction documents (Working Drawings) for bids, permit and construction, as well as construction overview and interior design of our in-house projects.

Hiring a deft architectural firm is vital to the success of any residential or commercial building. Not only does the architect play a crucial role in the overall appeal of a structure, he/she also ensure viability and functionality of the endeavor.

Our Chicago commercial and residential architectural design firm has assisted hundreds of clients on both large and small residential and commercial projects, from new construction to additions and rehabilitations, as well as historical reconstruction. We have worked in many high end single family projects as well as multifamily and mixed use building.

Browse our portfolio page for an impression of what our high quality work entails. If you would like to ask us any questions, or are interested in any of the different aspects of our work, please contact us and we can arrange a consultation.